Delivery Schedule

We Deliver Costco to Telluride, Ridgway, Montrose, Crested Butte, and Gunnison

Q: Where and when is pick up?

A: The delivery schedule for South’s Market includes Telluride, Ridgway (*Location Changing for Ridgway), Montrose, Crested Butte, and Gunnison.  Each town has a pickup location EVERY WEEK!  We have done this in SW Colorado since January 2015 … (with a little testing in 2014 in Idaho, North Dakota and Montana.)   You will be emailed specifying the time and pickup location.  (SEE FAQs for the next delivery.)


Usual pickup days are as follows (but from time to time they vary a little … so after you order keep an eye on your email):

Telluride pick-up is “usually” Wednesday in the vacant lot next to the Post Office in town…behind the green fencing.  If you need special timing…just ask.  The exact times are emailed to everybody who orders each week.

Crested Butte pickup is in the parking lot of the Inn at Crested Butte, “usually” Thursday mornings…but sometimes Tuesday evening on the way back from Costco.  (eMails will let you know which it is this week.)

Ridgway pick-up is in a new location that has not yet been decided, but the day is “usually” on Thursdays afternoon.  The exact times are emailed to everybody who orders each week.

Montrose pick-up is in the Camelot Gardens parking lot “usually” on Thursdays at about noonish.  Times vary.  Montrose and Ridgway will also be emailed times and days as confirmations.



Q: What if I am going to Telluride on vacation and I do not arrive until Friday or Saturday and I want to use South’s Market to get us stocked?
A: Just shoot us an email to or a call at 970-708-9777 and we will figure out how to make it work for you. We do this all the time.

Q:  How do you know where I want my pick-up to be?

A:  At check out, you fill in the SHIPPING ZIP CODE like the instructions say to. Include the designated zip code (not necessarily yours!) in the shipping address, so that we know where you will pick up.
Montrose/81401, Ridgway/81432, Telluride/81435, and Gunnison/81230  … it’s that simple.  We take it from there!

See You Soon!