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Tuna Can’t

“We used to live in Westminster and I shopped at Costco weekly. The Kirkland brand is soooo much better than the Member’s mark found at Sam’s club. One example is the tuna. I have not been able to find tuna anywhere that is even close to the Kirkland tuna. I purchased the most expensive tuna (albacore all white) st Sam’s club and it was all in tiny pieces and so gross I fed it to my cats. Kirkland tuna is in big chunks. The dairy products at Costco (Kirkland) are of high quality, I will not purchase Sam’s club dairy products.

Well enough about that. Today (2.18.2016) I picked up my first order from South’s Market [in Montrose at Camelot Gardens] and am very pleased! I ordered over $600 worth of products. I made sure to order frozen and bakery along with other stuff to see if the frozen things were frozen when I got them. They were. My order was perfect, pick up on time at place specified and very friendly service. I would recommend to anyone. I truly miss Costco but until they get one on the Western slope, I will be using South’s.”   -Alice

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You Rock!

People, use this service!  The fee is very minimal and the service is exceptional.  John!  The new website is AMAZING!  Thanks for taking the time and posting pictures.  It was so easy to navigate the products. Also, thanks for finding things I need that aren’t listed.  You rock!  -Trang Pham